4.9 of 5 stars 175 reviews
Nerissa Dowling
5 star The Lost Mine is a super, super fantastic room. So much fun, so surprising. Excellent.. do it!
Alex Welburn
5 star Loads of fun, will definitely be back, clever puzzles and great looking rooms!
Jordan Hearn
5 star I've played all 4 rooms at Mission, and have been astounded by the quality! The rooms are fun, excellently themed and true to the suggested difficulty. My favourites have been Dr. M and the lost mine, but difficult to compare as they're all extremely different. Definitely worth a play, and without a doubt the best use of space and immersion of any of the games I've played before (particularly The lost mine) you really feel transported into the them. The only negative is that I can't do any more games here!
Tom Sawyer
5 star although not all the puzzles are 100% logical, overall it's good and entertaining - vampire castle
Ceasar Morales
5 star Great experience and friendly staff! Definitely recommended.
Megan Chambers
5 star This has to be my favourite of the escape room places in Sydney that my friends and I have tried so far! We ended up booking a second room for a few hours later, on the day we went in there, as a spur of the moment decision after we had so much fun in the first one. We did The Last Order and The Lost Mine and got so close to getting out in both! The Last Order is a lot like other escape rooms where you have to use codes and things to solve the room and escape, but The Lost Mine is completely mechanical so its completely different. I loved both rooms and we will be coming back to do Dr M soon I hope too! Staff are really great as well! Highly recommend, you won't regret it!
Poppy Schokker
5 star So much fun!! Would definitely recommend to anyone!
Logan Nugen
5 star The Last Order was brilliant.. we love it so much we will come back to visit all the other rooms. we're a group of 5 with 3 childrens under 14 and we almost solved the final puzzle - it shown some kids are quite intelligent. But best of all, the room setup + puzzles were well done. Love it, you can see who is the best thinker in your group with this one. Thank you for an amazing experience
Joyce Chu
5 star Did the vampire themed room and it was heaps of fun! Staff was so friendly and helpful as well ^_^ sorry I don't remember your name!
Wendy Liu
5 star Did lost mine . Highly recommended ! Perhaps 4-5 (max ) player is more suitable . Clear story line , clear instruction , very friendly staff , good set up ! Will definitely be back and try other rooms .