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We are proud to be awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2017, there are so many glowing reviews on TripAdvisor from our happy players, below is just a small sample of what our customers have to say. We are working hard to provide the best room escape game experience in Sydney


“Best Escape Rooms in Sydney” 5 Stars on TripAdvisor from over 300 reviews

Perfect group experience. They really set the scene and make you feel like you’ve stepped Straight into a film. Their puzzles are super interactive and are at just the right level of difficulty to make you feel accomplished when you solve one without being impossible to solve. We loved the tech built into the rooms. So very cool. Definitely going back to do the rest of the themes!

– Bec E, Sydney Australia

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“Can’t wait to come back for more!” 5 Stars on TripAdvisor from over 300 reviews

This is no doubt, the best room escape game in Sydney! We’ve been to a few different ones and the story + mechanical mastery and “OMG” moments when we solve a problem and the way we move from room to room had our jaws dropping each and every time. I can’t say too much otherwise I’ll give it away and I don’t want to spoil the surprise for you. If you want a room escape game, this is the one to do!!

– Allan L, London, United Kingdom

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“Favourite Escape Rooms so Far” 5 Stars on TripAdvisor from over 300 reviews

My friends and I have been going through the Escape Rooms in Sydney and giving them all a go, and coming back for more because they’re so addictive! We tried Mission Escape Rooms for the first time yesterday, and we had booked the Last Order room. I believe this room is the only one at Mission that isn’t mechanical. Its more like the other places we’ve been to so far where you have to solve puzzles and codes to progress through the game. We were so close to getting out on time, and we loved it so much, that we decided on the spur of the moment to see what bookings they had for later that night. Luckily for us, they had one booking left on the Lost Mine room, so we chose that.

The Lost Mine is the hardest room and its also 100% mechanical. I won’t ruin the room for anyone, but oh my gosh it was awesome. Being mechanical means that you aren’t solving things with locks and codes, there are lots of moving parts. That’s all I’m going to say.

I wouldn’t recommend doing either of these two rooms if you have never done an Escape Room before (unless a few other people in your group have) as they might be a little too complex for first timers, particularly the Lost Mine. These two are also longer rooms, being 80 and 90min time frames to escape in, as opposed to 60mins in most places.

We just missed out on getting out in time on both rooms, so it was so frustrating, but a good result as we didn’t get stuck halfway through or anything like that. So close yet so far, right?!
The staff were also really good at Mission, and they explain things to you at the end so you can see how you would’ve had to solve the rest if you didn’t get out. They also have water waiting for you once you finish the room, and take some fun photos with you to for a memento of your time there.

We will definitely be going back to do the Dr M room (We were told Vampire Castle would be too easy based on our progress in the other two rooms). Can’t wait to go back and give that one a go.
You won’t regret going here, highly recommend!

– Megan C, Sydney, Australia

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“Lost Mine” 5 Stars on TripAdvisor from over 300 reviews

My husband and I are escape room fanatics so when we heard this was one of the best escape room to do in Sydney, we had to check it out! Fortunately for us, they let us play the Lost Mine given there were only 2 of us (minimum on the website is 3) but we still had to pay $170 regardless, and let me tell you – it was worth every penny!

This room was awesome! We’ve played about a lot of escape rooms in our day and the technology, storyline was top notch! I would highly recommend this room to anyone was has dabbled in some escape rooms, you will definitely enjoy it!

– Kristen V, Toronto, Canada

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“Fantastic Escape Room” 5 Stars on TripAdvisor from over 300 reviews

Great escape room, really sets itself above other escape rooms. We did Lost Mine and Dr. M and both were full of really unique and interesting puzzles that really exceeded expectations! The puzzles were very high tech and the experience was really polished. Staff were friendly, enthusiastic and helpful. Highly recommend!

– andrewxu0714, Sydney, Australia

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“The Best Escape Rooms!” 5 Stars on TripAdvisor from over 300 reviews

I have now attempted 2 of the Mission escape rooms, Dr M. and the Last Order. They were each very different experiences and both were challenging and fun. Dr M was a great larger group experience with lots of clues to find, whilst Last Order suited a couple or small team with a strong progressive storyline. I was particularly impressed with the technology used in comparison to other escape rooms I have done. I liked that there was a strong emphasis on the themes/story rather than just solving a series of problems. Thanks Mission!

– em_lovell, Greater Sydney, Australia

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“First Escape Room experience. Heaps of fun!” 5 Stars on TripAdvisor from over 300 reviews

We attended as a group of four girlfriends for our first escape room escapade. We were running really late after dinner on a rainy Saturday night but the Staff at Mission Escape were nice enough to let us in and have the full 90 mins for the room as we were the last group for the night. We did the Dr M room and, boy oh boy, was it crazy hectic! We needed chemistry skills, and laser skills and codebreaking skills. We had none of these so didn’t actually escape but staff guided us through towards the end – I liked that he didnt actually give us the answers but tried to guide us through even though it was late at night and they probably just wanted to wrap up and get home after work! We had an absolute ball and have booked yet another escape room adventure with them in the upcoming weeks so will write back after then.

– Inliferound, Sydney, Australia

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With so many fantastic reviews, what more can we say? Make a booking and experience the best escape room Sydney has to offer!