Do you have a price list for all rooms?

Public holidays price equals weekend price(except for intruders)

Vampire Castle (weekday)

2–$80, 3–$117, 4–$144, 5–$165

Vampire Castle (weekend)

2–$90, 3–$126, 4–$156, 5–$180

Dr. M (Weekday)

4–$204, 5–$245, 6–$288 , 7–$322 , 8–$344 , 9–$369

Dr. M (Weekend)

4–$220, 5–$265, 6–$312 , 7–$343 , 8–$368 , 9–$387

The Last Order (weekday)

2–$108, 3–$147, 4–$184 , 5–$220 , 6–$246

The Last Order (weekend)

2–$116, 3–$153, 4–$196 , 5–$230 , 6–$252

The Lost Mine (weekday)

2–$ 128, 3–$ 177, 4–$ 220, 5–$ 260 , 6–294

The Lost Mine (weekend)

2–$ 138, 3–$ 186, 4–$ 236, 5–$ 280 , 6–312

Unstoppable (weekday)

2–$126, 3–$183, 4–$228 , 5–$270 , 6–$306

Unstoppable (weekend)

2–$138, 3–$195, 4–$244 , 5–$295 , 6–$330

Trapped (weekday)

2 – $ 116, 3 – $ 168 , 4 – $ 212

Trapped (weekend)

2 – $ 130, 3 – $ 183 , 4 – $ 232

The Sacrifice (weekday)

3 – $ 225, 4 – $ 296, 5 – $ 355, 6 – $ 420, 7 – $ 469

The Sacrifice (weekend)

3 – $ 252, 4 – $ 324, 5 – $ 390, 6 – $ 450, 7 – $ 497

Intruders (Weekday)

2&3 – $ 243, 4 – $ 316, 5 – $ 380, 6 – $ 438

Intruders (Weekend)

2&3 – $ 267, 4 – $ 348, 5 – $ 425, 6 – $ 492

Intruders (Public holiday)

2&3 – $ 291, 4 – $ 380, 5 – $ 465, 6 – $ 534

How long does each mission last?

We aim to provide our customers with the full-package mission escape experience – please allocate 20 extra minutes on top of your game time. Our game times range from 60 – 100 minutes with a complimentary photo at the end of your adventure, so make sure to double-check the time limit for your theme when you plan your adventure with us.

What are your opening times?

Please scroll down to the bottom for our opening hours

Please note that bookings are essential for you to play the room. Any inquiries please call us on  02 8937 0205/ 02 7900 8746. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee walk-in availability so please make sure you either contact us via phone or book online in advance.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Please kindly visit our homepage or click the “Gift Vouchers” button. After you have finished purchasing the voucher, the system will send you an email with the voucher code and the way of redeeming the voucher. When the recipient has decided the date & time for this activity, they can use the “Redeem Voucher” button on our website to make a booking.

Do you offer food & drinks? Can I drink before the game?

Catering is not available here as our store is only facilitated for escape room activities. There is a vending machine located at each venue and there are plenty of restaurants at our doorsteps. However, food or drinks are not allowed in the rooms. We can provide light snacks and refreshments for large groups upon request. For more details please see information on large group brochure.

We reserve the right to refuse entry to any player deemed to be intoxicated at the discretion of the staff(and let’s be honest, where’s the fun in doing mental gymnastics when you’re drunk?). Those players will NOT be issued any refund.

Is there a dress code?

We suggest our players wear comfortable clothing and closed footwear as some rooms do require physical activities. High-heels are not recommended.

Are the games scary?

Most of our rooms are family-friendly except for The Sacrifice and Intruders. Please inform us prior to your game session if you have any conditions such as claustrophobia, pregnancy or are afraid of the dark. For more information on specific rooms, please see our Rooms page on the menu. If you have any other concerns, please call us at 02 8937 0205/ 02 7900 8746 or email us at

What if I get stuck on the puzzle?

Our game masters are trained to look after and assist you every step of the way when you’re inside the room. You are monitored through cameras and a walkie talkie will be assigned to you so you’re able to reach your game master at any time. You’ll be provided with hints – when you require it – through the walkie talkie. 

What if I panic?

If you feel uncomfortable at any time during the game, our team will let you out of the room. You’re welcome to resume and continue the game with your team once you feel better. Please note that once the game has started, any quitting is unfortunately non-refundable. Additionally, due to the design of the room, The Sacrifice and Intruders cannot be resumed after quitting the game.

Are there any discounts for children?

A $15 discount applies to every child under 10 (included). Please note that children under 10 cannot be admitted into rooms such as The Sacrifice, Intruders, and The Lost Mine.


I encountered an issue when making a booking through your website.

Please contact us, and we can book the room for you manually.

If you encounter any issues with payment while booking through our website, you can either call us or choose to transfer the deposit to our bank account and then email us the following details:

A. Your full name.

B. Your phone number.

C. Room and the time you want to book.

D. Payment remittance.


Our Bank Details:

Name: Mission Event

BSB: 012 142

ACC: 647 784 248

Do you take phone bookings?

Phone bookings are not normally available as a deposit is required, unless you are arriving within 30 minutes. Please contact us if you have a special situation and need to make a payment over the phone, or refer to the previous FAQ if you encounter any issues while booking through our website.

What if the final number of players is different from the number booked?

The price only depends on the final number of players; the number of players you entered in a booking does not affect the final cost.

Can I have more players than the maximum capacity?

Unfortunately, the number of players in each room is strictly restricted to the numbers shown on the Rooms page. If you think you might have more attendees, we suggest you book an extra room. In this case, even if you don’t have extra people on the day, everyone will have a better game experience as the max capacity is NOT the recommended number for a room.

Is there an age limit?

Vampire Castle

Suitable for 12 and over. You need to have at least 2 members over 15.

Dr. M

Suitable for 15 and over. You need to have at least 4 members over 15.

The Last Order

Suitable for 15 and over. You need to have at least 2 members over 15.

The Lost Mine

Suitable for 15 and over. You need to have at least 2 members over 15.


Suitable for 15 and over. You need to have at least 2 members over 15.


Suitable for 15 and over. You need to have at least 2 members over 15.

The Sacrifice

Suitable for 15 to 65. You need to have at least 3 members over 15. Not admitted for people younger than 12 or older than 70.


Suitable for 15 to 65. You need to have at least 2 members over 15. Not admitted for people younger than 12 or older than 70.

What is your change of booking/Rescheduling policy?

You can change your session time twice for free if your request is made no less than 24 hours beforehand, each further change will cost you 50% deposit fee. No reschedule allowed within 24 hours of your session. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation notice 48 hours = 50% deposit refund.

Cancellation notice ≤ 48 hours = No deposit refund.

No-show = No deposit refund

Please be aware that unless a lockdown is in place for the Sydney CBD, there will be NO special considerations due to covid related matters, please consider rescheduling the booking ( minimum 24 hours notice required).

A booking will be cancelled if you are 30mins late and there will be no deposit refund.

If you wish to reschedule your booking instead, please refer to ‘What is your change of booking/rescheduling policy?’ above for more information.

What if I am late?

Please arrive 10 mins before your session, if you are more than 10 mins late, your game duration will be affected; We won’t be able to start a game if you are more than 30 mins late and it will be canceled (No deposit refund). Please note that we are in the CBD so please spare enough time for parking when driving.

How to book multiple rooms?

Before checking out your first booking, an option of ‘add another booking’ will be shown to you on the page. Simply click the button and follow the instructions on the page to add another room to your booking.


Can I play if I’m pregnant/claustrophobic?

Please contact us at 02 8937 0205/ 02 7900 8746 or email us at before you attend your session if these conditions apply to you. Please note that rooms such as the Sacrifice , The Lost Mine, and Intruders cannot admit people who are pregnant. Additionally, our Trapped room is not recommended for anyone with claustrophobia. For more details on specific rooms and admission requirements, please see Rooms page for more details.

Are the rooms wheelchair accessible?

Unstoppable (located at George St venue), The Last Order and Dr. M (located at Pitt St venue) are wheelchair friendly. However, there aren’t wheelchair toilets for both venues.

Is there any physical work required in the game?

With the exception of our Vampire Castle and The Last Order room, most rooms have a few physical activities/work that needs to be done by the players. To see specific requirements for each room, visit Rooms page for more details or call us on  02 8937 0205/ 02 7900 8746 or send us an email at

Can I take photos or videos in the rooms?

Unfortunately, we do not allow phones or cameras inside the room. After all, the best spies keep their missions as a secret! No one likes spoilers – so we kindly ask and require our players to leave their phones and cameras in the lockers provided before entering the game.