Vampire Castle –Pitt St.

Vampire Castle

It’s a stormy night when you and a friend stumble upon a gloomy castle. You intend to use it as cover from the rain, but after entering, the door behind you creaks closed and can’t be opened. Suddenly, you’re transported to the middle ages and the clock is ticking…can you guys solve the mystery and escape the supernatural castle?

Recommended for first time players.

Difficulty: 3/5
Features: High-tech, Mystery, Middle Ages
Recommended player number: 3~5
Available player number: 2~6
Duration: 60 mins
Age: suitable for 12 and over, you will need to have at least 2 members over 15.

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Dr. M –Pitt St.

Dr. M

Dr. M is a renowned chemist. His son, on the other hand, only has eyes for astronomy. Undeterred, Dr. M tries to shape his son into a chemist as outstanding as himself. He imparts his heir with the totality of his knowledge while forcing him to take courses in chemistry. Eventually, his son can no longer handle the pressure and commits suicide to avoid a life he doesn’t want.

Since the loss of his son, Dr. M’s grasp on reality slips further and further until he starts experimenting on living people. Unfortunately for you and your friends, you’ve awoken in a room after a drug-induced coma and Dr. M is aiming to make you his next experiment…Dr.M will be back in 80 mins, can you guys escape the fate of becoming laboratory rats?

Recommended for a large group.

Difficulty: 4/5
Features: Teamwork, physical work, Hi-Tech
Recommended player number: 5~8
Available player number: 4~9
Duration: 80 mins
Age: suitable for 15 and over, you will need to have at least 4 members over 15.

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The Lost Mine –Pitt St.

The lost Mine

While shopping at a Sunday market, you come across a widow trying to sell her husband’s belongings. Out of curiosity, you start up a conversation with her.

Her husband, Parker, had grown up an orphan and faced many difficulties throughout his life.
Without any experience, he was offered a highly paid job as a worker in a remote mine. Shocked but overjoyed, he threw himself into his work.

One day he returned from the mine with a purple crystal and quit his job. He became reserved, refusing to say why he quit. Years later, he fell ill and passed away, leaving a diary and a voice recorder among his belongings. His wife decided to sell them along with the crystal to make some money.

Seeing the crystal’s value, you purchase all the items and conduct research. You discover that this kind of crystal is extremely rare and was mined by an ancient underground civilization. The people and its ruler have vanished from the record and no crystals have been found ever since.

Driven by your curiosity, you travel to the mine he worked, hoping to find more crystals and uncover the mystery of The Lost Mine.

For safety reason, this room is NOT suitable for children under 12, pregnant, people with physical disabilities or pram.

Recommended for experienced players.

Difficulty : 5/5
Features: 100% heavy mechanical with no locks and keys, adventure, super real atmosphere, strong storyline.
Recommended player number: 4~5
Available player number: 3~6
Duration: 80 mins
Age: suitable for 15 to 60 years old, you will need to have at least 3 members over 15.

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The Last Order –Pitt St.

The Last Order

You are Matt – a member of an assassin syndicate. Your superior James is one of the syndicate’s highest-ranking members. James is currently in hiding from the police.

One day, you receive an unmarked letter in the mail. The letter’s message is simple:
“I have kidnapped your family. They are safe, but not for long. If you ever want to see them again, go to level 2 of this hotel and ……”

You pack your bags in a hurry and set off for the hotel. On the way, you contact the most trustworthy member in the syndicate – David – and ask him for help identifying the kidnapper. He agrees to help you behind the scenes.

You are now arriving at the hotel, ready to do anything to save your family.

Advanced room, NOT recommended for first time players.

Difficulty: 4.5/5
Features: Strong logical thinking, a super brain, padlock free.
Recommended player number: 3~5
Available player number: 2~6
Duration: 75 mins
Age: suitable for 15 and over. You need to have at least 2 members over 15.

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The Sacrifice –George St.  ~NEW~


Your friend who loves investigating old folk tales and mysteries, tells you about an old legend that he’s looking into. He travels to where the legend originated, but disappeared and never came back.

He never said too much on what the investigation was about, only ever mentioned that it was an old legend involving a mythical creature. If this creature was to be found, then any wish can be granted.

With limited knowledge on the situation, you go to his studio hoping to find out more about his investigation and his whereabouts.

*Please be noted that The Sacrifice is located at George St store.

*Not recommended to those with claustrophobia, heart-attack,  pregnant, people with physical disabilities or pram.

Difficulty: 4/5
Features: Immersive, Thrilling, Live actors, 5D effects.
Available player number: 4~7
Duration: 100 mins
Age: suitable for 15 and over.

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Unstoppable –George St.


You are a special forces code-name Skyfall from the Australia National Security Agency. There is a secret mission for you:

A terrorist has placed bombs containing a mutated virus on a train departing from Sydney. With limited clues, you must find the train and defuse the bombs as soon as possible.

The bombs are in place, and the train is about to leave. You must act quickly to prevent a  tragedy.

*Please be noted that Unstoppable is located at George St store.

*Please make sure someone in your team is capable of lifting (approx.7kg).

Difficulty: 4.5/5
Features: Immersive,interactive,teamwork, padlock free.
Recommended player number: 3~5
Available player number: 2~6
Duration: 80 mins
Age: suitable for 15 and over. You need to have at least 2 members over 18 for safety reason.

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Trapped –George St.


One day at a commercial building, a lift carrying passengers malfunctioned and resulting in 2 casualties.

You are detectives who are in charge of this accident. Although this was classified as a human error accident, the investigation has little progress due to a lack of evidence.

You have recently received an anonymous message, which claims that a piece of crucial evidence was left at the building. Now, you and your team are heading to the scene for further investigation.

*Please be noted that Trapped is located at George St store.

*Not recommended to those with claustrophobia. The smallest room is 6 sqm.

Recommended for experienced players.

Difficulty: 4/5
Features: Immersive, interactive, thrilling.
Available player number: 2~4
Duration: 70 mins
Age: suitable for 15 and over. You need to have at least 2 members over 15.

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