Who We Are

Mission Room Escape Sydney is an actual simulation of puzzle games (escape the room) where the objective is to escape the room by your brain. We make it more than just a game, giving you a unique experience by adopting the latest technologies, giving you endless surprises and providing you a scenario you never encounter in your life!


What it looks like?

When the game starts, you will become part of a story that is based on the theme you have selected. Typically you will be in a special chamber. From there, you are required to complete missions in certain time limit. In order to complete your mission, you will need to harness your wits and exercise your resourcefulness. For example, if you found a message next to a status that said, “I am looking for sunshine”, it may be a clue for you to turn the statues head towards the window. Success! A blank door opens and leads you into another room where you will solve the next puzzle piece.

What ‘mechanical’ means?

In the first generation of escape game, your mission is always to find a key/code to unlock a lock, then find another key to unlock another lock.

However, we believe room escape game is more than just ‘finding keys’!

In here, we try to get rid of the ‘locks’ and bring the escape game to another level by introducing the latest technology and mechanical stuffs. Gear, laser, special effect, automation…… It is your mission to find them out!